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CRA Assessments can help your company move beyond outdated, ineffective methods in order to achieve the improved monitoring quality you expect.

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Employed by Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device organizations, Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) play a vital role in the conduct of clinical research trials around the globe. An organization's ability to objectively evaluate CRA core monitoring competencies and develop suitable upskilling strategies is imperative for ensuring quality monitoring.


No qualified degree or comprehensive certification exists for CRAs. The co-monitoring visit approach for evaluating individual CRAs is a costly, inconvenient, variable and subjective method of evaluating core monitoring competencies. Most organizations lack a targeted training and re-testing program to ensure the deficiencies identified in the co-monitoring visit are addressed and upskilled.


CRA Assessments offers web-based simulated site monitoring visits, targeted training and comprehensive metrics. Our solutions are cost-effective, easily accessible, consistent and objective. CRA Assessments' goal is to give organizations the ability to evaluate core monitoring competencies and to upskill deficiencies across their entire CRA population.