Targeted Training

●  CRAA offers targeted training modules accessible 24/7 on our web-based portal.

●  CRA's are automatically assigned training modules based on deficiencies identified in their initial simulation.

●  For clients with established training programs, the results from the initial simulation can help guide the assignment of their training material for individual CRAs.

Follow-up Simulations

●  We offer subsequent Follow-up simulations to confirm mastery of monitoring core competencies, regardless of the training program utiilized.

●  The Follow-up simulations are abbreviated versions of the initial simulation, limited to the domains addressed in each related training module.

●  Although the Follow-up simulations follow the same format as the initial simulation, the content and issues are distinct.

Improved Quality of CRAs

●  By objectively assessing core monitoring competencies and remediating deficiencies in a targeted manner, CRAA's solutions provide organizations with the confidence that their CRA workforce is of the highest quality to deliver successful clinical monitoring.