KPS Life Partners with CRA Assessments to Ensure High Quality Clinical MonitoringApril 28, 2023

KPS Life partners with CRA Assessments to strengthen CRA development and deliver high-quality monitoring globally. Utilizing craSIM™ monitoring simulation, they offer targeted testing, training, and upskilling for CRAs. This collaboration aims to elevate CRAs to industry-leading performers and improve clinical monitoring with cost-effective, accessible, and objective approaches. [Read More]


GreenLight Clinical partners with CRA Assessments to evaluate and enhance CRA monitoring qualityJune 22, 2022

GreenLight Clinical teams up with CRA Assessments to enhance CRA monitoring quality. Objective assessment and suitable remediation strategies are crucial for global trial excellence. This collaboration enables GreenLight to consistently evaluate, remediate, and re-evaluate CRA staff skills, ensuring improved performance. [Read More]



CRA Skills Lacking in Critical Areas

A global CRO’s data gathered using an objective monitoring simulation administered by CRA Assessments, LLC reveals that CRAs are consistently underperforming regardless of the level of experience or training. [Read More]



CRA Remediation Data Demonstrates Skills Improvement in Multiple Domains

In this article, we will demonstrate a methodology that resulted in improving CRA performance. [Read More]