Fair and Objective Scoring

●  Each simulation is scored by 2 independent monitoring experts.

●  Blinded CRA monitoring notes ensure the evaluators are not unduly influenced.

●  CRAA eliminates evaluator variability by utilizing an independent adjudication process when evaluator scores do not align.

Standardized Results

●  All simulation results follow the same format with issues categorized by severity and domain.

●  The issues present in the simulation are categorized by severity (as defined by former FDA auditors).

●  The results also split the issues into domains encompassing the main monitoring tasks confronted by CRAs.

Comprehensive Metrics

●  Our client admin portal provides organizations 24/7 access to their employees' simulation status and results data.

●  The results dashboard gives organizations the ability to review results metrics by client-defined parameters such as job title, monitoring experience and degree type.

●  Our consistent results format allows for analysis of CRA population core competencies across regions.