We are committed to hiring innovative, hard-working professionals who share a commitment to improving the quality of clinical trials data. CRA Assessments, LLC is an equal opportunity employer with a global reach. If you are interested in becoming an employee at CRA Assessments, please contact us at .

 Server Engineer / DBA 

We are looking for a self-motivated, creative, and passionate Server Engineer who also has a working knowledge of major database management systems.


  • Solid problem solving skills to identify and fix performance bottlenecks and troubleshoot database issues
  • At least 3-5 years of experience working with AWS cloud services and its cloud ecosystem
  • Understanding of networking fundamentals such as TCP/IP, UDP, Routing, Load Balancing, etc.
  • Understanding of the essential web technologies such as HTTP, TLS, DNS, HTML, CSS, JS, XML, JSON etc.
  • Experience with Linux/Unix  servers and administration tasks
  • Experience with web sever and database optimization/replication/sharding
  • Experience managing virtual machines, and virtual containers such as Vagrant and Docker
  • Solid knowledge of Git-based version controlling system
  • Hands-on experience with shell scripting

Nice to have:

  • Working Knowledge of DevOps
  • Understanding of Network/Web Security fundamentals
  • Experience with CI system

Front-end Engineer 

We’re looking for a talented problem-solver who enjoys coding and writes clean and testable code for our applications.


  • At least 5 years of experience in developing high quality, modern web applications
  • Up to date understanding of ECMAScript version differences and eco-systems: ES5/6/7, Babel, Webpack etc.
  • Experience with major JS stacks such as Node.js, Backbone, Ember, Angular, Meteor, React, etc.
  • Experience with CSS/CSS3/Less/SASS, and CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation
  • Demonstrated experience writing test-covered code

Nice to have:

  • Git experience
  • Working knowledge of major SQL/NoSQL databases such as MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL and MongoDB


 UI/Graphics Designer 

We are looking for a user interface & graphics champion to design user interface for our websites, online interactive applications, and printed marketing materials.


  • Experience with graphic design and the Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud
  • Experience in front-end development with HTML, CSS/CSS3
  • Interest in building user-friendly interfaces
  • Ability to meet deadlines

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of front-end development with JavaScript
  • Knowledge of UX/UI development
  • Knowledge of Usability Test